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Frequently Asked Questions...


You claim JimJams chocolate spreads are 83% Less Sugar than the leading brands?

Yes, we do not add any refined sugar to our Chocolate Spreads. Our spreads contain only 8.7g of naturally occurring sugar per 100g. Our products were the first to be fully certified by SUGARWISE.

How much sugar do the leading brands contain?

The leading brands and own label chocolate spreads contain on average 56.3g of sugar per 100g, which is the equivalent of 57 teaspoons of sugar in 1 jar (400g).

If you don’t use sugar, what is used to sweeten your Chocolate Spread?

Our chocolate spreads are sweetened with Maltitol.  Maltitol is a natural plant based sweetener derived from corn or wheat.  It has nearly half the calories than sugar, is kinder to teeth and suitable for diabetics as it has little or no effect on blood sugar levels. Maltitol has been approved by the EU and FDA.

Your sweetener is nearly half the calories…Are they suitable for dieting?

Our Chocolate Spreads are half the SmartPoints on Weight Watchers and one less Slimming World Syn than other chocolate spreads.

Do your chocolate spreads contain artificial flavors, chemicals or preservatives?

No. Our chocolate spreads contain no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors. We use only the highest quality ingredients.

Can you bake with your products?

You sure can. We have many delicious recipes on our website. From very simple milkshakes to amazing Chocolate Cheesecakes.

Do your chocolate spreads contain gluten?

All JimJams products are gluten free and no sugar added. Independent laboratory testing confirms that JimJams Chocolate Spreads contain less than ten (10) ppm gluten.

Do JimJams contain nuts?

Our Hazelnut Chocolate Spread obviously contains nuts. However, our Milk Chocolate Spreads are nut free. Please be aware that although we do not use peanuts in any of our products and our production facility is peanut-free that our factory does handle products containing nuts, although all JimJams Chocolate Spreads are produced on a clean line.

Do your products use palm oil?

Our Chocolate Spreads contain Rapeseed oil, which is high in Omega 3 and a good source of Vitamin E. The tiny amount of palm used is fully sustainable and RSPO Certified. The RSPO is an international organisation that sets the standards of good practices for palm oil production that respect the environment and local communities.

Are your chocolate spreads suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. All JimJams products are suitable for vegetarians

Are your products suitable for vegans?

Our Jams are suitable for vegans. However, our Chocolate Spreads do contain skimmed milk powder. Although we are looking at a Dairy Free option, so watch this space!

Is JimJams Chocolate Kosher?

We are currently obtaining Kosher certification. We will make an announcement once this has been finalised.

What is the shelf life of your chocolate spreads?

The shelf life of our Chocolate Spreads is typically 13 months, once opened they last 3 months and are to be stored in the cupboard. Do not refrigerate as the product will crystalize.

Where can I find nutritional and supplemental information for each product?

Each product is listed with its nutritional information, including ingredients and other important data like calories, fat, carbs, sugars, etc... If you find a product without nutritional information, please contact us through our contact us form.

 What does the "may cause laxative effect" statement mean on your packaging?

The natural plant-based sweetener we use, maltitol, can cause a mild laxative or fullness effect in some individuals with digestive sensitivities. The effect is short lived, completely harmless and not unlike what often happens when you eat a handful of fresh cherries. When eaten in moderation, most people experience no negative effects. You would have to eat a whole jar of JimJams Chocolate Spreads to have these possible side effects.

What should I do if I have a complaint regarding a product?

It’s extremely rare for us to receive complaints, however, we take them very seriously. Make a note of the Best Before Date, the batch number (which can be found on the lid) and where you purchased the product. If possible, take a photograph of the product.  Please send your comments and product information through our Contact Us form and we will fully investigate.