JimJams Our Family

Loves: Gymnastics, giggling & singing

Appears Incapable of
Hanging up clothes.

Prefers JimJams:
Hazelnut chocolate spread on pancakes for breakfast.


Loves: Superheroes, maths & winning.

Appears Incapable of: Putting toys away.

Prefers JimJams: Milk chocolate milkshake at any time of the day.


Loves: People that make her laugh.

Appears Incapable of: Remaining serene whilst juggling everything.

Prefers JimJams: Strawberry jam slathered on a bagel.


Loves: The sound of his own voice!

Appears Incapable of: Turning off taps (he's flooded the bathroom 3 times!)

Prefers JimJams:  Blackcurrant jam, it is amazing on anything.


Loves: Having his tummy tickled & running a lot!

Appears Incapable of: 
Not jumping on other dogs & coming back.

Prefers JimJams: In humans, he isn't allowed it - poor Blue.


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